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Welcome to The Gut Clinic


Have you been chasing answers for your digestive issues without any success? We've got you. 

Become a Gut Clinic Client

We take a data-driven approach to solving digestive mysteries using various functional testing options to uncover the root cause of what's troubling your gut. We do the detective work so you know exactly what steps you need to take to feel better.

How The Gut Clinic Works

  •  First, complete a New Client Application form.

  • If we think you'll be a good fit for The Gut Clinic, we will contact you to book a short Connection Call. During this call we will review your case and make a plan for how we can help based on what you need right now. 

  • Once you're in, we will order recommended testing and get started.


client testimonials

“My bloating has subsided significantly.  I feel much more energetic and like I have control over my health again. Ashley was so wonderful to work with and was available to answer any questions and provide advice whenever I needed it.  A wealth of info! I would recommend this program 100% if you are ready to do the necessary work needed to improve your health.” 



The Gut Clini is a good fit if you are...

  • Ready for a fresh approach to your digestive issues. 

  • Not interested in joining an education-based group program and want more of a 1:1 experience.

  • Ready to invest in functional testing and looking for expert interpretation of results so you know exactly what to 

  • Looking for a basic level of support.

The Deep Dive is NOT a good fit if...

  • You are pregnant/breastfeeding or trying to conceive (we cannot address bacterial/fungal overgrowth or parasites while you grow or feed a baby).

  • You are looking for ongoing support and frequent check-ins. The Gut Rehab Intensive would be a better fit for this.

  • Extremely ill with chronic digestive issues that are going to require a higher level of care and support.

  • What is GI-MAP testing?
    GI-MAP stands for “GI Microbial Assay Plus” and is an at-home stool test that provides us with a snapshot look at multiple areas of gut health. This testing reveals imbalances in “good” and “bad” gut bacteria, digestive enzyme output, yeast and parasites, inflammation, gluten sensitivity, and more. Testing saves us a lot of time, money and energy that would otherwise be spent guessing and trying different approaches.
  • How long is your waitlist?
    Once we receive your application, we will be in touch to let you know the timeline for us working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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