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Informed by science.
Rooted in nature.

We take a root-cause approach to digestive health to help you feel better naturally.


How The Gut Clinic is Different

Our approach is what sets us apart. You won't find food sensitivity testing, elimination diets, or cookie-cutter cleanses in our protocols. 

Functional Testing

to get to the root of your digestive imbalances

Worldwide Support

we see clients in-clinic and all over the globe via Zoom

Direct Messaging 

access to your practitioner for protocol support

Personalized Nutrition

we believe food is medicine and teach you which foods are best for your unique body

Natural Therapeutics

we use herbs and nutraceuticals to bring your body back into balance

Grab the free Gut Health Root Cause Assessment for to help uncover the potential root cause driving your digestive distress!

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What Past Clients Have To Say

"I am no longer experiencing frequent bouts of pain, intense abdominal cramps or daily bloating after every meal. Ashley gave me the tools I needed to get on the right track with my nutrition to promote better gut health and to feel happier than I’ve felt in a long time!"


- Jennifer H. 

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